Calf and Exotic skin Belts, Wallets, Bags, Accessories and Atelier Leather Goods

Customize your Personal or Pocket Accessory and emphasize your true personality

Belt Straps

for any designer buckles

Belt straps for any designer buckles

Explore our collection of replacement belts, leather and exotic, for any brand.

Slim Wallets

Compact wallets collection for man

Our selection of slim and compact men's wallets, for any need and taste.

Classic Wallets

Classic wallets collection for man

Our selection of classic men's wallets, horizontal, square or vertical. 

Our History

Founded in 1948, our master craftsmen have been creating superior quality leather goods such as wallets, belts and bags, for over 70 years.

Each product is individually handcrafted using first choice tanned hides and Italian artisan techniques established centuries ago in the heart of the Italian leather district.

An Heritage of Bespoke Design

Blog news

guides & useful articles

Inside the blog you will find useful guides for choosing the belt, wallet and fashion accessory as well as news from the world of prêt-à-porter.

Belt Strap details requested for uncommon buckles

Belt Strap details requested for uncommon buckles

For those wishing to order a replacement shaft for a non-standard Buckle of a major brand or a personal buckle, the necessary information is as follows: read more
The quality of stingray leather

The quality of stingray leather

The beauty and characteristics of purebred skin for clothing read more

Our workshop gives the ability to design a unique leather product

The History of Casanova1948 Leather Shop

The Atelier and Our Philosophy

Casanova1948 is an artisanal leather goods brand that is committed to the finest craftsmanship. Our products are hand-made with leather hides processed using traditional methods, creating an unmatched durability and quality.

A few of the notable products by Casanova1948 are the Exotic Wallets, Belts, Bags, and their signature hand-stitching techniques.

One of the features that sets Casanova1948 apart from other leather goods brands is their use of exotic hides that are sought after by individuals for their unique appearance and durability in the Bespoke Leather.

Goods section of the website you can find a variety of exotic hides that are hand-crafted into wallets, belts, and other goods.

Many people don't think about where their leather products come from, and what kind of conditions the animals were in before they were turned into a belt or a wallet.

At Green Philosopy, we are committed to sustainable, ethical leather production.

We use leather from animals that have been raised in a humane way, and the production of our belts and wallets is environmentally friendly.

We believe that leather products should last for years, and that's why we use the highest quality materials in our products.

If you're looking for a sustainable, ethically produced leather belt or wallet, look no further than Green Philosopy.

The only leather workshop to pay such meticulous attention to details

Start from Scratch Leather Design

Atelier one-on-one customer service
Welcome to the workshop!

We are the only leather workshop to pay such meticulous attention to details. We take pride in our ability to personalize each and every product to fit your unique style. Whether you are looking for a new wallet, belt, bag or leather accessory, we can create a piece that is fully customized to your specifications.

Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect color, design and style for your needs. We understand that everyone is unique, and we want to help you create a product that reflects your individual personality and style.

If you are looking for a unique and stylish leather accessory, please visit our workshop and let us help you create something special. Thank you for your interest!

Are you looking for a particular color for your exotic leather item?

Many people think that alligator, ostrich, and stingray leathers are only available in black and brown. While those colors are the most popular, exotic leathers in other colors are available.

If you are looking for a particular color of alligator, ostrich, or stingray, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Rare alligator leather color

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