Classic men's wallets

Men's horizontal, vertical, square or long wallets. Our classic leather wallets are manufactured according to a tradition of over 100 years, all handmade.

A long experience gained with important luxury brands, which still today sees us involved in the production of precious items for important designers, has allowed us to create product lines that are qualitatively superior to most of the competition.

In fact, our wallets, unlike those commonly for sale, follow a high quality production standard that unfortunately is being lost to commonly make room for volume and profit logic.

Production times are longer than others because the workmanship of traditional accessories requires a long journey to create a high quality product that will last over the years.

Vertical wallet for men made of Shiny Alligator leather, article of high leather goods, you can choose the belly or the flank and if you want the interiors in calfskin or in the exotic leather. The Vertical Wallet in genuine Glazed Alligator "Ermes" it is equipped with 2 compartments for banknotes, 4 or 8 pockets for credit cards, 2 or more extra pockets...

Men's Square Wallet in Shiny Alligator, 8ccard and extra pockets

Classic men's wallets
Square wallet for men made of Shiny Alligator, high quality leather goods, generous spaces thanks to a well-structured internal arrangement, possibility to choose both the alligator color and the interior lining. The Square Wallet in genuine Glazed Alligator "Febo" it features 8 credit card pockets, 4 extra pockets and can be requested with coin purse...
Men's Horizontal Matte Alligator Wallet, high quality exotic first choice skin, you can choose flank or luxurious alligator belly, calfskin or exotic lining. The Horizontal Wallet in real Matte Alligator "Ares", color chosen by the customer, consists of 8 pockets for credit cards, 2 pockets for banknotes, possibility of an exposed pocket and coin purse.

Men's Vertical Wallet made of Matte Alligator, luxurious and practical

Classic men's wallets
Matte Alligator men's vertical wallet, luxury accessory available in the flank of fine alligator or exclusive belly, calfskin or exotic skin lining. The Vertical long wallet in authentic Matte Alligator "Ermes", whose color is chosen by the customer, is equipped with 2 compartments for banknotes, 8 pockets for credit cards, and different extra pockets...
Men's square wallet made of real matte alligator leather, made only with top quality exotic leather, the square wallet for men "Febo" can be customized with a soft calf leather or alligator lining and is available in flank or in prestigious square belly pattern. The Casanova1948© Square Wallet in authentic Opaque Alligator, in the color of the customer's...

Snake skin Men's Horizontal Diamond Wallet, real rock Python leather

Classic men's wallets
Men's horizontal wallet made of Diamond Rock Python leather, the beauty of the exclusive Diamond motif of the central cut of the Reticulated Python gives this wallet an inimitable and exclusive look. The Horizontal Wallet in authentic Diamond Python "Ares", it consists of 8 pockets for credit cards, 2 pockets for banknotes, possibility of an open pocket...

Vertical men's bifold wallet in real Diamond Python leather

Classic men's wallets
Vertical men's snake skin wallet diamond morif, a comfortable accessory in a precious leather with a particular taste, combines the beauty of the diamond motif with the practicality of the long wallet to always carry with you. The Vertical Wallet in authentic Reticulated Python leather "Ermes", is equipped with 2 compartments for banknotes, 6 pockets for...

Men's Square Wallet in Matte Diamond Snake skin leather

Classic men's wallets
Men's square wallet in real Python leather, made using only the central part of the leather that gives the article the typical diamond appearance, the Casanova1948© square wallet it is preferred by many for the practicality of the format which is more compact but equally capacious compared to other models. Made using only authentic Reticulated Python,...

Men's Horizontal Wallet made of Australian Ostrich leather

Classic men's wallets
Men's horizontal wallet in real Ostrich, this precious leather guarantees a very classy effect and, like many exotic leathers, it never gets tired or goes out of style. The Horizontal Ostrich Leather Men's Wallet is modeled only with the precious part of the follicles, the color is chosen by the customer, the lining also in ostrich gives the article an...

Vertical Men's wallet in Ostrich Leather, color of your choice

Classic men's wallets
Vertical men's wallet made of real Ostrich leather, thanks to the fullness of the ostrich's coat, the small leather goods, made with this beautiful leather, are refined and refined both to the eye and to the touch. The Vertical Wallet in Australian Ostrich "Ermes", is equipped with 2 compartments for banknotes, 6 pockets for credit cards, and different...

Men's real Ostrich leather Square Wallet

Classic men's wallets
Men's square wallet made of Australian Ostrich, particularly versatile leather, elastic and ductile, soft to the touch and able to keep its beauty intact over the years. Casanova1948© proposes a square format ostrich leather wallet suitable for the most diverse needs, excellent combination of versatility and space, 8 slots for c/card so you can carry all...

Vertical men's wallet made of Lizard skin, elegant and spacious

Classic men's wallets
Vertical men's wallet in Lizard leather an outer cover in authentic Jada lizard, this long wallet is specific for those who want a luxury accessory with a precious exotic material. The vertical wallet in refined Lizard "Ermes", is equipped with 2 compartments for banknotes, 6 pockets for credit cards, and different extra pockets depending on the internal...
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To guarantee delivery within the Christmas holidays, orders for belts and card holders must reach us by December 04th while for wallets , bags and accessories the production is already programmed and we cannot accept further orders.

Any leather goods order placed after December 5th will be regularly produced but processed in 2023. 


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