Bespoke items: belts, wallets, bags and much more


Making a tailor-made article

In our online catalog you will find widely customizable leather items, from the size, the choice of materials to the colors and the smallest finishes.

However, if your desire is to have a unique object, designed on your idea or creation, our atelier is at your disposal to bring your wishes into reality.

Whether it's a bag, shoe, belt or any item, starting from the concept we arrive at the finished product ready to be worn or flaunted.

It is a work of haute couture but applied to the world of leather goods, as only a few other designs offer, we create your product together with you.

Personalized leather items

From the client's idea to the atelier article

Starting from the idea

Using a pencil, your desire is transformed into a sketch ...

Starting from the idea
Moving on to the concept

... the skilled designer defines the essential design elements ...

Moving on to the concept
Working on the details

... to then work on the first functional details of the project ...

Working on the details
Stylistic insights

... so it ends with harmony stylistic and aesthetic features of the design ...

Stylistic insights

... to then work on technical tweaks that are essential for usability and ...

Finished project

… Arrive at a finished project ready for the model papercraft.

Finished project

At the end of the journey, your desire will become a one-of-a-kind piece made exclusively that, like an atelier dress, will fit you perfectly.

Damatta bag made to measure for the customer


Casanova1948 is a company specialized in the production of Made-in-Italy belts, wallets, bags and accessories.

With an experience of over 50 years and a national and foreign clientele, we create bespoke leather accessories, we can boast of having remained among the few designers who still offer a bespoke service.


For your company the possibility of ordering any type of leather accessories: affix your logo, your initials or the monogram of your customers.

An article of small leather goods or a bespoke bag, both in calfskin and in exotic materials, allows you to identify your brand and leave a distinctive mark on customers.

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Our site does not close for holidays!

To guarantee delivery within the Christmas holidays, orders for belts and card holders must reach us by December 04th while for wallets , bags and accessories the production is already programmed and we cannot accept further orders.

Any leather goods order placed after December 5th will be regularly produced but processed in 2023. 


Thank you and happy holidays!



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