slim card holder in African elephant
compact card holder in African elephant
    slim card holder in African elephant
    compact card holder in African elephant

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    Elephant Slim Credit Card Case and Pocket ID Card Holder


    Compact Credit Card Holder in African Elephant , CITES certified authentic leather

    The Slim Card Holder "Crono" in genuine elephant skin is equipped with 2/4 or 6 pockets for credit cards, upper pocket for banknotes and possible purse. Entirely made by Italian master leather craftsmen, it is lined in soft Italian lambskin.


    For those who want to trim down their wallet.
    Our Elephant Slim Card Case is a handy leather card holder with just enough room for your key everyday credit cards, and a slim pocket for a few folded bills.

    Made to easily fit in your back pocket, this thiny card case wallet will keep all you need on the daily.

    made-to-order slim card case options:

    • interior organization: 4 different layout 2 to 6 c/card pockets
    • for your coins: layout w/coin purse
    • stitching color: matching or contrasting
    • emboss your initials
    Slim African elephant leather card case

    Card holder for connoisseurs, for those looking for an exclusive item, with robust elephant leather that acquires value over time.


    Elephant skin is very thick and durable. The “wrinkles” that we see in an elephants skin is evidence of its deep grain, giving it an aspect of dimensionality. This course, rippled grain gives the skin a very unique look.

    Elephant Hide LeatherEvery grain is different; no two elephant panels looks alike. An elephant’s grain is its fingerprint and its various markings and scars tell a story. Therefore, you can be sure that every product is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.

    Because of its unique texture, elephant leather also requires a great deal of precision in its cutting and processing in order to preserve the aforementioned characteristics. This is especially true when handcrafting products that involve a lot of detailed handiwork.

    Elephant Hide is available periodically: it is legally harvested under strictly regulated governmental supervision. All special skins compply with CITES requirements.

    Elephant Skin Detail on Belt

    "CRONO" - Slim Card Case

    CRONO #35801
    layout #35801
    • 1 Upper pocket
    • 2 Credit Card Pockets (1 + 1)
    • Dimensions: 10CM (W) x 6CM (H)
    CRONO #35802
    layout #35802
    • 1 Upper pocket
    • 4 Credit Card Pockets (2 + 2)
    • Dimensions: 10CM (W) x 7CM (H)
    CRONO #35803
    layout #35803
    • 1 Upper pocket
    • 6 Credit Card Pockets (3 + 3)
    • Dimensions: 10CM (W) x 8CM (H)
    Large w/Coin Purse
    CRONO #35812
    layout #35812
    • 1 Upper pocket
    • 3 Credit Card Pockets
    • 1 Coin purse
    • Dimensions: 10.5CM (W) x 8CM (H)

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