Leather care

For our customers and for anyone who wants it we offer pecific kits for the care of calfskin, suede or nubuck and exotic leathers , which offers everything you need for the treatment of your products.

To keep your shoes, belts, bags or wallets always in excellent shape it is necessary to take care of them periodically, treating and nourishing them with products suitable for preserving their integrity .

Properly cared for your leather accessorieswill last over timeand will maintain the intrinsic characteristics of the material with which they were made.

In our blog you will also find useful tips and guides for the treatment of products that may be useful for preserving your articles as long as they are made in authentic leather.

Smooth, Texture and Exotic Leather Care Kit

Leather care
Cleaning set for smooth, printed and exotic leather items (shoes, belts, wallets) totally made in Italy with top quality products and consists of:package contents: 2 jars of gloss (one neutral and one black) 2 gloss spreaders (in 100% ecohair, light wood and dark wood) 2 brushes (in 100% ecohair, light wood and dark wood) 1 cotton cloth...

Suede and Nubuck Leather Care kit

Leather care
Cleaning set for suede and nubuck leather items (shoes, belts, wallets) totally made in Italy with top quality products and consists of:package contents: 1 brass brush 1 brush with simil para 1 toothbrush with natural para and synthetic bristles 1 neutral reviver for suede and nubuck possible monogram on external leather gusset
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Our site does not close for holidays!

To guarantee delivery within the Christmas holidays, orders for belts and card holders must reach us by December 04th while for wallets , bags and accessories the production is already programmed and we cannot accept further orders.

Any leather goods order placed after December 5th will be regularly produced but processed in 2023. 


Thank you and happy holidays!



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