Lizard skin goods

Lizard skin Men's belt, genuine Java Lizard leather, color of your choice

Men's belts in exotic leathers
Lizard skin Belt for Men, color of your choice. The Casanova1948 belt made of lizard leather, height of 3.5cm or 4.0cm, is dedicated to those who want to show off the beautiful texture of this precious leather, widely used in the 90s, the livery of the lizard remains an elegant classic that never tires. Matching bronze buckle with a choice of finish,...

Men's Money Clip Lizard Wallet, compact and thin

Compact and slim men's wallets
Men's Money Clip Java Lizard Wallet, it houses 6 pockets for credit cards, 2 extra pockets and central money clip. Our bi-fold slim wallet in lizard skin with refined details and interior in soft Italian calfskin, it can also be ordered with an exposed window, the slim format allows for convenient portability, and the central spring allows easy and...

Exotic Women's Lizard leather Belt, color chosen by the customer

Women's belts in exotic leathers
Lizard Women's Belt, color of your choice for a belt in authentic Java lizard skin with a unique and refined taste. The exotic women's belt in this precious exotic leather is an exclusive choice that cannot be missing in a sophisticated wardrobe. Our women's belts in exotic leathers are available in 1.5CM, 2.0CM or 2.5CM height, tapered toe, matching or...

Lizard skin Small Credit Card Case and Business Card Holder

Credit card cases and business card holders
Lizard leather Credit Card Holder, from Indonesian or northern Asia, the Jada lizard gives a brilliance and an elegant and lively color to a credit card case suitable for both him and her. The Slim Credit Card Wallet in authentic lizard, color chosen by the customer, it is equipped with 2/4 or 6 pockets for credit cards, an upper pocket for banknotes and...

Vertical men's wallet made of Lizard skin, elegant and spacious

Classic men's wallets
Vertical men's wallet in Lizard leather an outer cover in authentic Jada lizard, this long wallet is specific for those who want a luxury accessory with a precious exotic material. The vertical wallet in refined Lizard "Ermes", is equipped with 2 compartments for banknotes, 6 pockets for credit cards, and different extra pockets depending on the internal...

Customizable Jada Lizard Horizontal men's bifold wallet

Classic men's wallets
Men's horizontal wallet made of real lizard leather, the beauty of the typical pattern of this exclusive leather makes the lizard wallets destined for a refined clientele. The properly treated lizard skin is robust and resistant as well as extremely beautiful, so the items can be used every day for work or leisure. The Horizontal Wallet in authentic...

Square men's wallet in glossy Lizard, layout and color choice

Classic men's wallets
Lizard men's square wallet , made the central part of the leather that gives the characteristic lizard motif, this practical and essential but refined wallet is made to measure according to the customer's specifications. Made using only authentic first choice lizard skin, the item can be adapted to your taste thanks to the numerous selectable options....

Lizard skin Vertical Compact Men's Wallet

Compact and slim men's wallets
Compact Vertical Wallet made of real Jada Lizard leather, thanks to the small pocket size and the quality of exotic leather, this compact men's wallet is a sought-after item with a refined taste. Available with different options and interior features in a wide choice of colors, the vertical lizard wallet "Eleo" feature: 4 pockets for credit cards, 2...
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