double face belt in printed leather for Louis Vuitton buckles
replacement shaft for LV buckles in printed leather
printed leather belt for LV buckles
double face belt in printed calfskin for Louis Vuitton buckles
    double face belt in printed leather for Louis Vuitton buckles
    replacement shaft for LV buckles in printed leather
    printed leather belt for LV buckles
    double face belt in printed calfskin for Louis Vuitton buckles

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    Reversible Texture Calfskin Belt Strap for Louis Vuitton Signature Detachable Buckles


    Reversible Textured Leather Replacement Belt Strap for LOUIS VUITTON Signature Buckles. Item expressly designed to reuse your precious LV buckle with Pin.

    Fully customizable in width, size, stitching and leather colors of your choice on both sides.
    This specific Printed calfskin Belt Straps is designed to be fully compatible with any LV Pin Buckle including: LV Initiales Buckles, LV Pyramid Buckles, LV Tilt Buckles, LV Signature Buckles, Iconic LV Buckles, LV Circle Iconic Buckle .

    If you no not have an anchor (snap-on) buckle, or your belt strap has a particular width, refer to the ad for TAILORED BELTS


    Our textured leather reversible belt straps for LOUIS VUITTON Buckles with pin are handmade by our master craftsmen with the highest quality materials available.

    Each and every one of our personalized textured leather belt straps is made to fit your existing LOUIS VUITTON Signature Buckles.

    Made-to-Order Belt Straps benefits

    • same or better quality textured leather of the designer buckle belts
    • much more colors available that those offered by Louis Vuitton
    • custom sizing with atelier service
    • fast order processing
    • cheeper than original

    customize every detail:

    • inside & outside textured calfskin color: from our selection
    • belt width & belt size: to fit perfectly your buckle
    • stinting color: tonal or contrast
    • emboss your initials
    Textured calfskin belt strap for LOUIS VUITTON signature buckle

    Replacement belt specifically made to measure for your precious modern or vintage buckle.

    Soft-grain Pebbled Calf Leather
    aka Togo Calfskin

    Made from baby calf, the Togo is the half-sister to the Clemence which is made from the hide of a young bull. The Togo is lighter than the Clemence and holds it shape much easier.

    Many women choose the Togo for larger bags for this reason, although the decision is really a personal one if you prefer a slouchier look or a more rigid appearance. The exterior is defined by a soft pebbled finish that feels smooth yet grainy.

    Soft grain tumbled calfskin aka Togo leather

    Textured Calfskin Leather
    aka Epsom Calfskin

    A similar leather to the popular Togo, the Textured Italian Alpine Leather aka Epsom offers a very even grain throughout, another slight difference is that it is glossier and darker at the top part of the gain than the Togo, a feature that some customers prefer. The leather is very lightweight, making it easy to carry and many tarnishes, spills, and other marks are easy to clean.

    Calfskin full grain drum dyed semi-soft aka Epsom leather

    LOUIS VUITTON Standards

    LV buckle size

    With a regular metrical measuring tape that sizes in centimeters or millimiters measure the back metal loop of your Signature buckle OR using a papercraft of the width of your belt straps SLIDE in the back metal loop of your H buckle if it fits perfectly measure the width papercraft width with a regular ruler.

    (Buckle Back Allowance)
    Buckle width standards


    • most common buckle compatibility list:
    • LV Initiales: 30mm / 35mm / 40mm
    • LV Signature: 30mm / 35mm / 40mm
    • LV Pyramid: 40mm
    • LV Tilt: 40mm
    • Iconic LV Buckles: 30mm / 35mm / 40mm
    • Circle LV Buckles: 35mm / 40mm
    • LV Buckles with Pin: 20mm / 25mm / 40mm / 35mm / 40mm / 45mm


    • Distance between holes: approx. 2.5cm ( 1" )
    • Belt Tip shape: Square (with straight beveled corner)
    • Thickness: approx. 2.8/3.0mm
    • Terminal: 10cm ( 3 ¹⁵/₁₆" ) after 5 holes
    • Buckle diameter: approx. 3.5mm
    • Number of Holes: 5
    • Standard prongue: 7/8mm


    To correctly choose the size of your belt it is important to use our textual or video guide for measuring the size and follow the instructions so that you have a belt ready to be worn.

    Belt size standards

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