Authentic Mexican shark men's belt
original Mexican shark belt
    Authentic Mexican shark men's belt
    original Mexican shark belt

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    Shark skin men's belt, authentic Japanese shark leather


    Shark leathermen's  belt , authentic CITES certified Japonaise shark with a unique and characteristic texture of one of the most beautiful and least known skins on the market.

    Of rare and unique beauty, the shark men's belt is available with a height of 4.0cm (1.57in) or 3.5cm (1.38in), tapered toe, matching stitching, natural-tanned calfskin lining and the possibility of a pocket for valuables.

    Shiny nickel free bronze buckle available with silver or gold finish.


    Shark Belts are very durable with a coarse, rippled texture. Highly sought after, these skins are by product from fishing villages.
    With nubuck treatment, this exquisite exotic belts are each one differents, every shak belt have its peculiar texture but all for elegant or casual situations.

    Shark leather with nubuck treatment is soft and durable, these beautiful exotic belts are a perfect complement to the modern wardrobe. Handmade in Italy by master craftsmen specializing in exotic leathers, our men's shark belts can be highly customized and are a favorite choice of our most demanding customers.

    customer's choice:

    • width: 3.5CM or 4.0CM
    • size: da 70CM a 150CM
    • security pocket: for banknotes and documents
    • stitching: seamless, tonal or custom color
    • personal embossing
    Shark leather belt for man

    Due to it's high demand, Shark is one of the leathers that varies greatly in availability from season to season, Casanova1948©, strives to have the best quality, softest skins, and the most innovative nubuck colors in the marketplace.

    Shark Belt is world known for its rough, course texture, its peculiarity make every piece unique and inimitable.


    With a distinct fine grain texture and naturally occurring ripples, shark leather is known for having a very course texture, more so than any other leather on the market. This is due to the presence of tiny notches along the surface of the skin.

    Shark Skin LeatherAt one time the skin was used like sandpaper for grinding and polishing; however, thanks to modern tanning processes and the help of oils, today shark leather is used for small accessories and jackets.

    Because of the aforementioned reasons, Nubuck processing (sanding and buffing) is often applied to shark leather, giving it a suede effect. Although the most common coloring is black, the brown and gray variants tend to highlight the natural skin pattern very nicely. As the leather ages over time, the product takes on an alluring vintage look.

    Shark Skin is available periodically: it is legally harvested under strictly regulated governmental supervision. All special skins compply with CITES requirements.

    Shark skin detail

    Our selection of exotic nickel free bronze buckles

    matte silver exotic buckle
    Matte silver exotic buckle
    shiny silver exotic buckle
    Shiny silver exotic buckle
    matte gold exotic buckle
    Matte gold exotic buckle
    shiny gold exotic buckle
    Shiny gold exotic buckle

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