men's belt in Japanese galuchat breed
Japanese race belt for men
men's belt in authentic race
    men's belt in Japanese galuchat breed
    Japanese race belt for men
    men's belt in authentic race

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    Shaved stingray leather Men's belt, Galuchat skin eye belt


    Cintura da Uomo in Razza Galuchat rasata lucida. La cintura Casanova1948 in Razza Giappone è probabilmente una delle scelte di colore e stilistiche più belle e preziose sul mercato.

    Una cintura in autentica razza non solo è resistente ma unica nella sfumatura di colori, la perla della razza viene posta in punta, la resiste fodera in tinta o vacchetta naturale rende questo articolo estremamente longevo nel tempo.

    Punta affusolata, altezza selezionabile da 3.0cm,  3.5cm o 4.0cm, fibbia nichel free lucida in bronzo disponibile con finitura argento o oro.


    Some Oriental People believes that the stingray skin brings Good Luck and Wealth to the Owner.

    This way you will not only have an exclusive exotic belt in a sought-after material with a wonderful look but also a lucky belt to carry with you at all times.

    numerous options for an exclusive belt:

    • stingray color: from our premium selection
    • width: 3.5CM or 4.0CM
    • size: from 70CM to 150CM
    • emboss your initials
    Stingray leather men's belt

    A Stingray belt is the best and most looking belt choice you can made in all your life.

    Exotic stingray belt for man


    Stingray leather is composed of tiny, closely set circular protrusions on the skin’s surface. The size of these bumps depends largely on the age and size of the animal and, therefore, varies with each leather panel chosen by our artisans.

    These tiny circles are actually calcified scales, but they are then sanded down and polished. The dye shows through more vibrantly in the crevices of these bumps, drawing attention to and emphasizing its unique grain.

    Another appreciated feature of the stingray skin is that of the white diamond shape eye or crown in the center, which further adds to its unique appearance.In the end, its smooth, supple texture and distinct features make for a luxurious finished product that exudes class and elegance.

    Stingray leather panel

    Our selection of exotic bronze buckles for men

    matte silver exotic buckle
    Exotic buckle
    matte silver
    shiny silver exotic buckle
    Exotic buckle
    shiny silver
    matte gold exotic buckle
    Exotic buckle
    matte gold
    shiny gold exotic buckle
    Exotic buckle
    shiny gold


    Personal monogram
    Inside your belt


    3.5cm belt width
    3.5cm belt width
    4.0CM belt width
    4.0CM belt width

    We have a wide collection of Stingray leather product not only belt but wallets, bags and accessories. Why choose a product in stingray skin, the qualities of this precious leather.

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